Video #287: Good News in Detroit - Atwater Brewing.



Sure, there's plenty of bad news coming out of the Motor City these days - the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy, images of ruin porn, and on and on. But we have some good news from Detroit - and it has to do with Craft. Join Mark, Jimmy, AJ and Joe at the Atwater Brewery in the historic Rivertown District in Downtown Detroit City, where a warehouse from 1919 and brewing techniques that are over 200 years old continue to do their part to revitalize a city. Cheers!

Video #273: BEERmuda Triangle - Bell's Brewing, and Bagger Dave's Cascade!

Last summer's BEERmuda Triangle Tour continues, as the Guys continue onward from Beer City USA for 2012/2013, Grand Rapids, MI, and head to one of the places where Craft Beer got started in Michigan - Bell's Brewing. Larry Bell got Craft going in the Great Beer State way back in 1984, fermenting with a 5 gallon soup tureen covered with Saran Wrap! My how things have change.  And how happy are the folks at Bagger Dave's Cascade location, when they discover what their prize is! Eat well, drink local! Cheers - 

Video #271: BEERmuda Triangle - GR, and Brewery Vivant!

Midway through last summer's BEERmuda Triangle Tour, the Guys make a stop in Beer City USA for 2012/2013, Grand Rapids, MI, where the beer truly does flow like water along the nearby. And not far from an amazing burger/beer event at the Downtown GR Bagger Dave's, there is a Brewery the likes of which you've never seen...Brewery Vivant. Enjoy!

Video #265: New Holland Brewing (and Dirty Water Beer!)

As the BEERmuda Triangle Tour progressed last summer, we shifted from the first "point" (Greater Detroit) to the second (Western Michigan) with this particular stop. Introducing some of our favorite Michigan Brewers, the good folk of New Holland Brewing; and at the event that evening at Bagger Dave's in Holland, MI, also a fundraiser for!