Big things happening at Breckenridge.

As many of you are aware, there are big things of all different kinds are happening, and have been happening, at Breckenridge Brewing - folks who we consider to be Dear Friends of ours in Craft. We first covered them in Denver in 2009, not long after we began producing regularly. We had a glorious hang at their ballpark pub and met Captain Earthman. Then there was the infamous BBQ 'Buddha Keg' Incident from later that year

Truth is, the folks at Breckenridge Brewing are friends who've treated us like family, time and time again; they've even taken care of Mark and I as guests of theirs during the Great American Beer Festival in 2010 and 2014. We adore them, we love their beers, and we always believed in their mission.

So we were as surprised as any when it was announced this year, just after they completed their stunning new $40 million dollar campus in Littleton, CO, that they were being purchased by "Big Beer" (ABInBev).

So what's the new normal at Breckenridge? Is the culture the same? Are our friends still there? We stopped in recently, to see what's happening - have a look; what you see may just surprise you. Cheers! 

The old 'happy tap truck' in the foreground (it stars in one of our old episodes with them); their new facility in the background.

The old 'happy tap truck' in the foreground (it stars in one of our old episodes with them); their new facility in the background.

Video #320: Looking back on 2015 - to 300, and...

This is the 2015 version (and the 8th installment) of our Year End tradition, a look back at all of the places we've visited over the course of a sudsy / boozy year.

2015 was a coast to coast extravaganza, featuring stops from Maine to Northern California, with Texas, Montana, Colorado, New York Missouri and more in between.

Also, (no big deal here) we officially released and celebrated our 300th video episode this year! what? Click play for a look at a remarkable year.

Video #302, at Woody Creek Distilling; from Field to Face.

The Stobrawa is a type of potato that until recently had never been grown anywhere in the North or South America. 

Woody Creek Distillers has changed that.

Also, they're making an astonishing lineup of Craft Spirits, from their Signature 'old world style' Vodka, to Rye, Bourbon, Gin, White Whiskey and their soon-to-be released Colorado Scotch Style Whiskey, to their stunning, palate-surprising Reserve Vodka, Stobrawa. Press play to meet the team, have a look inside the still house, and also have a seat behind the bar in their gorgeous tasting room. Enjoy!

Video #295, Our coolest bar yet? The Colorado Governor's Mansion.

This summer, The Happy Hour Guys had the good fortune to sit down with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper in Aspen; they drank a beer or two and covered quite a few interesting subjects. During that interview, Governor Hickenlooper mentioned the special additions he and his team had made to the Boettcher Mansion (which is the Governor's residence) in Denver - and he invited us to stop by sometime. As luck would have it, Mark and Jimmy made it to Denver for the 2014 edition of the Great American Beer Festival, and well, they took him up on the opportunity. Click play for a look at what may be THHG's coolest bar yet!