Tip Top Taps

Some days, you set out to achieve greatness. Other days, you accidentally drive past greatness, pull a u-ey, get a little lost, and stumble into it. 

While visiting great friends in Evans, Georgia over the Thanksgiving holiday, we saw what looked to all the world like a gas station at a busy intersection.

That's no gas station on the corner of Washington and Belaire in Evans, GA...

Hey! Wait! That's not a gas station - it's an old gas station that's been converted into a growler filling station. JACKPOT! 

This is our kind of filling station!

We wandered in, and found the barman Will sitting with a glass of newly-tapped Gouden's Carolus Noel in his hands, lamenting the transient nature of seasonal brews. He took us on a tour of Tip Top's 20 Taps, and after some lively discussion with a group of thirsty customers, we decided on both the Carolus and a local Saison from Orpheus in Atlanta.

Will was our filling station attendant for the day.

The beer, of course, was amazing. But the venue, it is awesome. Their tap list is available online all the time, and we recommend you click on that link and see the true beer geek-ery therein. Also the taps are constantly rotating, so if you are anywhere near the place, check the web, and stop in and grab a growler or two. Tell  'em The Happy Hour Guys sent ya!



Video #287: Good News in Detroit - Atwater Brewing.



Sure, there's plenty of bad news coming out of the Motor City these days - the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy, images of ruin porn, and on and on. But we have some good news from Detroit - and it has to do with Craft. Join Mark, Jimmy, AJ and Joe at the Atwater Brewery in the historic Rivertown District in Downtown Detroit City, where a warehouse from 1919 and brewing techniques that are over 200 years old continue to do their part to revitalize a city. Cheers!