Checking in with Union Craft Brewing!

It's always good to reconnect with old friends. And because the Happy Hour Gal's national tour was playing Baltimore, she and Jimmy were able to stop by Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore's Woodberry neighborhood. They have BIG NEWS! Click through to learn, and Cheers!

THHG featured on!

One of the things we love about having as much content as we do (over 250 video episodes - that's DAYS worth of video content) is that sometimes we have no idea the cool places it might end up. Yesterday we found out that our friends at the Brewers Association, which runs the site, picked up the episode we did featuring Union Craft Brewing down in Baltimore last year. Our video just keeps on keepin' on!

Video #74: Quality Control at Flying Dog.

How good is your beer? Is it good enough to be put in the Penalty Box, all in the name of Quality? In part 2 of the Flying Dog episodes, The Guys venture into the Quality Assurance Lab at the Frederick Maryland facility and learn from the very very smart people what goes in to getting you the best, freshest beer possible. Thanks to Matt and Gwen for a really cool peek behind the scenes of some excellent beer.