"We're definitely not viral; we're FUNGAL. We move slowly and are basically unstoppable." - Jimmy, 2012

Pilot Episode: McSorley's Ale House. 2006.

Jimmy says:

"Mark and I started The Happy Hour Guys - we're both professional Actors based in New York City, working on and off Broadway, and in TV and Film. We met doing a production of 1776 at the Ford's Theatre in Washington, DC in 2003. As the run of the show progressed, we kept running into each other at great bars in the DC area, and a conversation began. Together we came to the idea of a show in '06; I had incorporated my film company, Back40 Films, in 2003, and so I gathered what gear I had and some production contacts, and we started planning. Then, the pilot we thought would launch a thousand ships: Us at McSorley's Old Ale House, one of the oldest continuously serving bars in the US, located conveniently in our home city.

And cue the Sad Trombone: The pilot didn't get the kind of interest that we'd hoped for. So, because we  were waking up in an interesting fact: We really, really liked doing this. we kept moving; we started our website, bought a domain, and started blogging: And the more we wrote, visited Craft endeavours, and met new people, the more we realized how important it was to tell these stories. All of a sudden it wasn't about creating a show anymore; it was about discovering a passion.

Trailer, 2008.

Brew Sizzle, 2009.

2 years into blogging and website building, we realized that the most fun we got out of the whole process was visiting with Craft startups (whether they were Breweries, Bars, Cideries, Distillers, etc), talking with the people who had the stones to launch them in the first place, and then producing the episodes ourselves. Self-production - this presented the challenge ton of work, no guarantee of any $$ whatsoever, but also a ton of creativity - interestingly, exactly like the people we were profiling. So we started creating Content, and kept at it, getting better each time we shot and edited.

2008: An idea and borrowed equipment.

Cut to 2015: We're fully fledged Content Producers - from one beat up hand-me-down camera and iMovie, to 3 cam shoots and Final Cut Pro, we've become PrEdAtors - (Producer/Director/Editors) and we're about to drop our 300th - THREE HUNDREDTH - video episode. That's days of online footage, thousands of hours of shooting and editing time; we've made a few bucks along the way, but averaged out over that time committment, the rate likely be less than pennies an hour. In fact, given the traveling, gear purchases and time spent versus the money we've made, I'm very sure that we're deep, deep in the red. However, as I said, we never did this in pursuit of money; very quickly this became all about the Love of Craft. 

So: What's the best way to give you a taste of this journey? Start with our End of Year episodes, a tradition since we began producing full-time. These cover bits and pieces, in video, of pretty much every place we've visited since 2008. Enjoy.

2009: Soon we'll be in HD.

2012: 5 years in.

2010: The STATES.

2013: Beer Heroes.

2011: Travels with Thurston.

2014: For Funzies.

2015: To 300...

2016: BBP begins!

2017: Reaching for the six-pack.

2018: Still chasing the six-pack.

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