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Mark & Jimmy are Broadway Actors and Craft gurus, producing The Happy Hour Guys for years; but how to get Broadway and Craft (Beer) to intersect? One offhanded comment from Squigs was a seed, then Jimmy was out running, and bam! THE IDEA: The Happy Hour Guys get cast members of a hit Broadway show together with a Craft Brewery, to brew a completely new beer for Charity of the show's choosing! 

Each Brew feature includes three episodes:

- Meet the Team, where the Cast Brewers gather, meet their brewery, pick a recipe, a name and a charity:

- Brew Day, time to brew! Cast Brewers travel to the craft brewery and assist in creation:

- the Release Party, self explanatory. Let's party, taste this beer, and give some love to a great cause!

#CraftBeerForGood. The goal? The Broadway Six-pack. 

#4: In process at this very moment. Release date Spring 2018!