Waitress and Sixpoint on the Broadway Brews Project: Let's meet the team!

The Broadway Brews Project continues! As Brew #3 kicks off, our Brew Crew from Waitress - Olivia Phillip, Jeremy Morse, Molly Jobe and Caitlin Houlahan - meet up with The Happy Hour Guys and Sixpoint Brewing at Beer Culture in midtown NYC.

Their mission:

- Decide what kind of beer they'll make & create the recipe:

- Pick the charity the beer will raise money for:

- Name the beer!

This one's a real heart-warmer, so make sure you watch to the end. Let's create a #CraftBeerforGood!

(special thanks to our capture crew, Brad Burke, Johnny Freeman, Dane Agostinis, Kristen Beth Ludwig, and Kaylin Aarts.)

Broadway Brew #3 features Waitress, Sixpoint Brewing and the Adrienne Shelly Foundation!

Press is rolling with the latest news from the Broadway Brews Project - as of this week, we are HALF WAY to the Broadway Six-Pack! 

Release of "It's for Adrienne" is Sunday 5/21!

Release of "It's for Adrienne" is Sunday 5/21!

From our upcoming PRESS RELEASE:



Joins Broadway Brews Project

“The Happy Hour Guys” Partner with Sixpoint Brewery and

The Cast of “WAITRESS”

Launches ‘Its for Adrienne’ Cream Ale

Supporting The Adrienne Shelley Foundation


NEW YORK – May 21, 2017 – The smash hit Broadway musical, WAITRESS is the latest Broadway show to create a craft beer for charity and partner with The Broadway Brews Project. A portion of the proceeds benefits The Adrienne Shelly Foundation, a NY-based charity that supports women in film.

The Broadway Brews Project is an initiative put together by The Happy Hour Guys (Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig) to pair hit Broadway shows with local craft brewers, to brew a special one-off beer, themed in relation to their show for a charity of the show’s choosing. The Broadway Brews Project launched its first collaboration called Rise Up Rye, partnering with Gun Hill Brewing Company and the cast of the smash Broadway musical Hamilton, followed by School of Rock The Musical which launched School of Hops.

“We’re so excited to have Waitress join us along with such a phenomenally creative brewery- Sixpoint,” said Happy Hour Guys’ Jimmy Ludwig.   “The WAITRESS cast was instrumental in helping us create this delicious beer that will help benefit a fantastic cause and honor the woman who started it all, Adrienne Shelly,” he adds. “We are now half way towards our goal of a Broadway six-pack—six shows, six craft brews that benefit six distinct charities.” Adds Mark Aldrich,  “We're very specific when we consider pairing a show with a brewery and in this case it's a perfect match.  Sixpoint’s team were so inspired after seeing WAITRESS, they were literally bursting with ideas.”

Said Jamie Leithead, Events Manager, Sixpoint Brewery, “We jumped at the chance to brew a beer with the WAITRESS cast.  The show completely lends itself to innovative flavors. We’re thrilled that this show created something truly spectacular that will benefit a wonderful cause.”

A lively cream ale bursting with the essence of cherries, Its for Adrienne Cream Ale will only be available on tap at select bars & venues throughout NYC.   Those include: Beer Culture (both locations), Glass House Tavern, Rattle and Hum (both locations), Beer Authority, Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor (both locations), Alewife, The Jeffery, Fools Gold, L’Amico, 5 Napkin Burger (Midtown), Bronx Ale House, and Astoria Craft.

Plans for future Broadway Brew collaborations are already underway.


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About The Happy Hour Guys

Jimmy Ludwig and Mark Aldrich, both Broadway Actors, co-Host this video series of great Craft stories, which has been in production since 2006 and recently posted its 300th episode. The Craft of Theatre and Craft Beverages have more in common than you think, and Jimmy & Mark have made it their mission to pursue the greatest stories, sips and stops the world over to bring this terrific content to their fans. The idea for the Broadway Brews Project came about as a way to bring The Happy Hour Guys' Acting lives and their Craft lives together, and what a ride it has been so far! http://www.thehappyhourguys.com

About Sixpoint Brewing

While some historical records indicate Sixpoint Brewery was founded in 2004, the real birth of Sixpoint begins at the dawn of civilization. That is when the earliest societies began cultivating cereal grains to make fermented beverages, and the desire for excellence in the craft of brewing was forged. One symbol has transcended and survived throughout the ages - the Sixpoint Brewers' star.  The Sixpoint Brew Crew not only resurrected the Sixpoint Brewers' Star, but also breathed life into a patchwork of brewing equipment within an 800 square foot garage in a then-dilapidated neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC called Red Hook. Out of this modest maritime enclave hundreds of delicious craft brews were concocted and disseminated, and the star had been reborn. Within years, a team of Sixpoint Brewers and Staff had gathered underneath the Sixpoint star, not knowing how they arrived there, but knowing they must keep the Sixpoint tradition alive.


WAITRESS opened April 24, 2016 at Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre (256 West 47th Street). Based upon the 2007 motion picture written by Adrienne ShellyWAITRESS is the first Broadway musical in history to have four women in the four top creative team spots, with a book by Jessie Nelson, a score by six-time Grammy Award-nominated singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles, choreography by Lorin Latarro and direction by Tony Award-winner Diane Paulus.

Waitress tells the story of Jenna, an expert pie maker in a small town, who dreams of a way out of her loveless marriage. A baking contest in a nearby county and the town’s new doctor may offer her a chance at a new life, while her fellow waitresses offer their own recipes to happiness. But Jenna must find the courage and strength within herself to rebuild her life. This new American musical celebrates friendship, motherhood, and the magic of a well-made pie.

About the Adrienne Shelly Foundation

The Adrienne Shelly Foundation was founded by her husband Andy and created after her death in 2006. With partners including Sundance, AFI, IFP, Women in Film, Columbia University and Boston University (Adrienne's Alma Mater), and an advisory board that includes Paul Rudd, Michelle Williams and Keri Russell, ASF's mission is Supporting Women Filmmakers. Since its inception it has awarded 60 production grants to very talented women all over the world.  Please visit www.adrienneshellyfoundation.org to honor Adrienne's memory and support ASF's critical artistic mission.

Checking in with Union Craft Brewing!

It's always good to reconnect with old friends. And because the Happy Hour Gal's national tour was playing Baltimore, she and Jimmy were able to stop by Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore's Woodberry neighborhood. They have BIG NEWS! Click through to learn, and Cheers!

Frequent Flyer Guy Reports: Craft Beer in Vietnam!

Our own FREQUENT FLYER GUY, (a.k.a. Steve Smith), returns with another update from Southeast Asia. Great to have you back in the fold, Steve! (and oh, MAN, do we want to join you.) Check it out:

What's Hot in Vietnam: Cold Craft Beer

- How Vietnam is rapidly becoming an unlikely craft beer mecca

What are first things that come to mind when one thinks of Vietnam? Rice paddies? Motorbikes? Phở, Vietnam’s iconic noodle soup? Ha Long Bay? Floating markets on the Mekong Delta? Probably not craft beer.

Just two years ago, this was the extent of my Vietnamese beer experience.

Just two years ago, this was the extent of my Vietnamese beer experience.

Traditionally, beer in Vietnam has meant a macro-brewed lager like 333 or Bia Saigon poured over ice in local watering holes, or an imported Tiger or Heineken in more upscale pubs and clubs. Up until very recently, you could have any style of beer you wanted--as long as it was lager. But as I learned on my recent trip to Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City’s BiaCraft Artisan Ales, that is changing in a big way.

According to beervn.com, there were no craft breweries in Vietnam in 2013. And for good reason. Brewing craft beer in Southeast Asia can be extremely challenging. Most equipment needs to be imported or made locally from spec—a daunting proposition. Ingredients can be impossible to find locally, and difficult to import (imagine getting a large batch of green, skunk-smelling hops through customs without being arrested as a drug trafficker). In nearby Thailand, archaic liquor laws that protect large breweries force craft brewers to brew their beer in neighboring countries, and then import their beer (subject to a 60% customs duty and a 48% excise tax). And finally there is the challenge of educating a market whose expectation of beer is a clear, simple-tasting lager. When Vietnamese craft brewer Platinum Beverages first released an unfiltered golden ale, many of the kegs got returned by distributors who thought the cloudy ale was defective. And Pasteur Street Brewing probably should have thought twice about producing a durian-flavored beer. Not only is the pungent fruit a challenging choice as a beer ingredient, it also faced having to overcome the urban legend of durian and alcohol being a lethal combination. (It was not a commercial success.)

Just a few years ago, none of these beers were being made.

Just a few years ago, none of these beers were being made.

But the overwhelming appeal of craft beer is overcoming these obstacles. Today there are several dozen Vietnamese craft brewers from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, and the number is growing rapidly. And while foreigners are behind the brewing, and much of the consumption of Vietnamese craft beer, Vietnamese locals are also starting to embrace it. Led by the young, well-traveled, middle- and upper-class urban Vietnamese, they are attracted to the quality and variety offered by craft beer, as well as the cachet of consuming a premium Western product. The manager we spoke with at BiaCraft estimated that roughly half of his customers were Vietnamese. And on our visit, the busy Thursday night crowd appeared to be at least half local.

BiaCraft's patrons on a busy Thursday night included many locals.

BiaCraft's patrons on a busy Thursday night included many locals.

I visited BiaCraft’s District 3 location (1 Lê Ngô Cát, phường 7, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam) with two friends—an American craft beer lover, and a local Vietnamese to whom we were just introducing craft beer. We sampled several selections from BiaCraft’s menu of 30 drafts (all but one brewed in Vietnam). They included a Belgian-style wit beer, two IPAs, an India summer ale, and one beer inspired by the spicy flavor of phở. Predictably, our Vietnamese craft beer novice was much more receptive to the wit beer (Tê Tê Belgian Wheat) and India Summer Ale (BiaCraft’s top-selling "Xao Ba Co"; Vietnamese slang meaning “f***ing liar”), with the hoppy bitterness of the IPAs being a bit much on the first try.  My American friend and I both enjoyed the IPAs however. And while all three of us love a good bowl of phở, we weren’t 100% sure that making a beer try to taste like phở was such a good idea. It did grow on us as we drank it however, and we're fairly confident it was a better idea than making beer taste like durian.

BiaCraft's extensive menu of draft beers

BiaCraft's extensive menu of draft beers

Our first tasting flight: Tê Tê Belgian Wheat, BiaCraft’s Xao Ba Co India Summer Ale, BiaCraft's Xau Ma Chanh IPA, Lac Brewing Co.'s Devil's Lake IPA

Our first tasting flight: Tê Tê Belgian Wheat, BiaCraft’s Xao Ba Co India Summer Ale, BiaCraft's Xau Ma Chanh IPA, Lac Brewing Co.'s Devil's Lake IPA

Larger cities and tourist destinations like Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City have a rapidly growing number of craft beer bars, and now many smaller cities are seeing their first craft taprooms open. If you enjoy craft beer and plan on visiting Vietnam, you will be pleasantly surprised (as we were) at the availability of good, local craft beer.