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Mark & Jimmy: Broadway Actors and Happy Hour Guys since 2006; but how, after over 300 episodes, to get their Broadway lives and Craft lives to intersect? 

CHARITY, THAT'S HOW: The BBP gets cast members of a hit Broadway show together with a craft brewery to brew a special beer that raises money for a charity of the show's choosing. 

Innovative? The national press certainly seems to think so.

Each BROADWAY BREW is a three episode arc:

- Meet the Team: The Cast Brewers gather, meet their brewery, talk recipe, name and charity.

- Brew Day: Cast Brewers travel to the craft brewery and help create their beer.

- Release Party: Time to try the beer for the first time, and give some love to a great cause!

Our goal: The Broadway Six-pack. 4 done, 2 to go: