THHG & Planet Princeton: A Pub Crawl to raise money for Homefront!

What Marley says...goes.

What Marley says...goes.

Jacob Marley said it best: "Business? Mankind was my business. The Common Welfare was my business. Charity, Mercy, Forbearance and Benevolence were ALL my business!"

So how can you do your part for Mankind this holiday season? By raising a glass with The Happy Hour Guys and Planet Princeton, of course!

This Tuesday, December 16th, The Happy Hour Guys are teaming up with Planet Princeton and the McCarter Theatre to offer a new holiday tradition - a holiday pub crawl through historic Princeton village led by History and Drinking (and History of Drinking) buff Jimmy Ludwig. Jimmy is presently acting in A Christmas Carol at McCarter for his 10th season (WOW), playing Nephew Fred, the Schoolmaster and the Undertaker. Members of the cast of A Christmas Carol will be tagging along as we make stops at:


The Yankee Doodle Tavern, The Alchemist & Barrister, Winberie's, and the Triumph Brewing Company.

Follow this link to the eventbrite invitation:

Throughout the evening there will be history and tidbits about each space (and other fascinating things) led by Jimmy, along with raffles, door prizes, and other fun to raise money for HomeFront, a charity that is working to end homelessness for New Jersey families. Come do your part to help this holiday season, and in the best way possible; by raising a glass with new friends. Hope to see you there!



Video #277: Carton Brewing - Beer IS Cuisine.

Mark, Jimmy and Jeff make their way just a short distance south of NYC to dispel a few rumors: The white stuff on the ground is snow, not sand; Jersey is a beautiful State, and thanks to folks like Carton Brewing (and Founder Augie Carton) in Atlantic Highlands, it is becoming redolent with Craft Beer. And hey, what's in the Tippy? Let's have a look. Cheers!

11 Great Bars Where You Can Drink With Ghosts.*

RIP, Harold Ramis. This post is for you.

RIP, Harold Ramis. This post is for you.

*That we've shot video of, in the USA.

"When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call?"  The Happy Hour Guys?  No.  Obviously you call the Ghostbusters.  But while you're waiting for Egon and Venkman to show up, quaff a couple with the local poltergeists.  Here's a list of episodes we've shot at historic bars over the years, bars that might just have more than your regular share of parnormal activity:

The Old Talbott Tavern. Bardstown, KY: Hmm. I swear I put it on the chair.  It's no longer on the chair. Also: Which were the most haunted rooms again?

The Jameson Tavern. Freeport, ME: Emily doesn't like the bread baskets.

The General Lafayette Inn. Lafayette Hill, PA: If you happen to be drinking with an old guy in a nightshirt, you might have a problem. (Now renovated and back in business as the Barren Hill Brewery.)

Pete's Tavern. NYC: This one is a don't-miss. You might share a booth with a literary ghost or two at one of the oldest bars in New York City.

McSorley's Old Ale House. NYC: The Happy Hour Guys shot their very first episode at what many say is the oldest bar in NYC. Houdini is said to have haunted this place in the form of a black cat. We'll stick with the Dark Beer.

Gettysburg, PA: Drinking at the site of one of the most significant battles of the Civil War, there are ghosts aplenty, but the Happy Hour Guys may be most haunted by their puppetry in this episode.

Fraunces Tavern. NYC: George Washington drank here. And did some other stuff.

White Horse Tavern. NYC: Dylan Thomas, Under Milkwood?  How about under the bar?  Too soon? The Guys delve into the history of this literary watering hole.

Long before Snooki roamed the Jersey Shore, Manasquan was the site of one of NJ's only unsolved murders, at O'Neil's Beach House bar. Here, the guys tackle the mystery with a few pints and some mystery guests.

Mark takes his drinking life into his own hands as he explores Bube's Brewery in Mt. Joy, PA. Freshly brewed beer, catacombs, ghosts…oh, my!

The Guys explore the Rogues Harbor Inn in NY's Finger Lakes region. House brewed beer, history, and some ghostly guests who linger on make for a good time. Honk if you love beer!


That's all for now.  Hope you enjoyed our tour of historic and haunted bars.  Keep an eye on us for all sorts of adventure in the world of craft beverages and where they come from.  As always, we welcome your suggestions - where's your favorite haunt? (Boo....) Cheers!

Harvest Moon Brewery!

So just down the street from the George Street Playhouse, where I'm rehearsing these days, BING!  There's a brewpub!  (I knew I loved New Brunswick.)  Yup, the Harvest Moon Brewery, at 392 George Street, literally just down the street from the train station in New Brunswick has been in this space (in quite an old building) since 1994, and under the present ownership since 2003.

We didn't have time to ask a ton of questions, but there was time to speak to a bartender, have a meal and sample some beers after a long day in the rehearsal studio.

We tasted our way through several of their beers, and very much enjoyed the Porter, a nice Double IPA and an especially fine Barleywine.  The menu is quite nice and well priced.  (My burrito was pretty fantastic.)  We'll be in the neighborhood for a while, so perhaps we'll get back there for some video.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, whenever and wherever you can, DRINK LOCAL!  Cheers!