Video episode #118: B. Nektar Meadery. (Yup. Mead!)

The Guys look back a bit to last November when they stopped through Ferndale, Michigan to hang out at B. Nektar Meadery. Brad Dahlhofer and his compatriots are doing some incredible things first with the simple ingredients of honey, water and yeast, and then with additions of everything from fruits, to spices, to bourbon barrel ageing. In fact, the day we were there they were releasing a Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead that sold so quickly our heads began to spin. B. Nektar is definitely worth a look. Big thanks to them for hosting us, as well as to cameraman Jeff Scot Carey, second camera Joe-Joe Gregoria, and Diana Burnett for happy happy joy joy. Mead, everyone. It's what's for dinner. And dessert. Cheers!