Artsy's Backyard: Stouts at Sunswick 35/35

Flight of Mikkeller's inky darkness.Artsy guy here again! On November 3rd – aka International Stout Day – Historian Guy Mark and I found ourselves at one of our favorite haunts in Astoria (and yea verily in all of NYC), Sunswick 35/35.  For the happy holiday, they were featuring four barrel-aged versions of Mikkeller's Black Hole Stout.  We split a flight of this hefty brew, aged individually in tequila, bourbon, cognac, and peat barrels.  We both were drawn to the bourbon-aged, but found the cognac-aged a close second.  The tequila-aged was interesting, and the peat-aged was scotchy and super smoky.  What will these crazy brewers think of next?  We'll be there to find out.  That's what's HOPpenin', y'all!