Hey HHG! Joe, Michigan Guy-at-Large here. Many members of the Sheep Hockey Team spent Friday and Saturday night at the Wolverine State Brewing Taproom this weekend. Friday was after our 5-3 loss to Carpen; Saturday was to watch the UM Wolverines take on UMD in the NCAA national championship game. Although the good team lost in both cases, the beer and atmosphere a WSB was outstanding!

WSB is doing AMAZING things with Lagers. Until Friday, I was still stuck in the mindset of "ales are good, lagers are bad". Wow - these guys changed my mind, and quick. The Helles was outstanding; their Winter Lager mayb have been the best winter beer I've ever had, and their Porter isn't bad either. In fact, those who drank their way through the menu (and you know who you are, PETE and IAN!) had absolutely no complaints.



Matt Roy, founder, president, lagerhead, and former UM Glee Club member, took the Sheep on a tour of the brewing facilities. Did I mention that they are doing AWESOME things with lagers? Man - I had it all wrong.  It's not all about the ales. It's all about good craft beer made by passionate people!

By the way - the WSB tap room doesn't have a kitchen, but have Pilar's Tamales in on Friday nights, and on Saturday they had Ray's Red Hots in the parking log. Or you can bring in your own food (the chinese place across the street is a good choice, and all pizza joints in the area will deliver right to to your table).