Why oh why oh Weyerbacher?!

Howdy folks! Artsy Guy here, feeling accomplished after a full day at the desk. Reward? Sampling the Weyerbacher tap takeover at Rattle & Hum here in the shadow of the Empire State Building (or the location of said shadow if it were actually sunny in NYC, which it's NOT).

I'm such a fan of these events that happen periodically at Rattle & Hum, Pony Bar, Blind Tiger, etc. It's a great opportunity to taste a few brews from one brewer side by side. Favorites sampled on this day were the Double Simcoe IPA, Insanity (barley wine), Heresy and Tiny (both imperial stouts). Just look at all those "W" tap handles!

So... get thee down to Rattle & Hum toot sweet to experience a brewery that doesn't raise a tap handle often in the Big Apple! That's what's HOPpenin'! (Still not sold on the catchphrase, but - heck - it's almost Easter and it's bunny-related.)