Tony's Darts Away - A California Craft Beer Haven

Greetings Craft Beer Crazies! It's Jeff chiming in, from out here on the Left Coast, because I just gotta fill you in on this spot. If you find yourself out this way, you have to head up to Burbank (for at least a few hours :) to check out Tony's Darts Away.  

If you live nearby then you already know this place and probably hit it up on the regular, but I went for the first time (sure to be the first of many) a few nights back... and Wow! It's like paradise. It's divey and comfy, with a certain homie-style charm that just screams "chill." My girl Kisha said it's like being in somebody's super cool basement in the early '90s. If you don't feel like doing the mingling thing, you can shoot Pool, play Connect Four, or read Chaucer from one of the bookshelves. Oh, and then there's the BEER! Hailed as California's first "bottle-less" bar, they have 30 different types of Craft beer on tap, from the Golden State alone. The brilliant BrewMenu is broken down into West Coast IPAs and Non-IPAs, and absolutely has something for everyone. (Try the Union Jack! From Firestone.) Man, I love this place! They also have a yummy (and Vegan friendly - I told you this is California :) Menu on the food side, and I have to say, the Sweet Potato Fries are not to be missed! So if you find yourself out west for some reason, take a trip on over to Tony's Darts Away on Magnolia. They've got a great thing happening and it's sure to just get better. Thanks for reading. Stat Guy OUT!