Elmer T. Lee and the Great Mushroom Caper


Hey Philip Pfans! Loud Guy here. I just spent the last weekend in northern Michigan with two friends, a book of trumpet duets, a six pack of Founders' Red's Rye IPA, and a bottle of Elmer T. Lee bourbon. We were supposed to spend the weekend picking Morel mushrooms in the hardwood tree forests of MI, but the mushrooms don't seem to like snow and 25-degree weather.  So my Mr Skone, Mr Quint and I spent the weekend getting to know Elmer T. Lee a little better. And this is the start of a beautiful friendship!

Elmer T. has similar vanilla notes to Buffalo Trace wiskey (see THHG video), and is exceptionally smooth. Someone on the internets called it a "gateway whiskey", and I have to agree; no burn on the way down, and a nice linger of sweetness. We paired it with grilled steaks and cornish hens, both cooked over a camp fire. The maple was wet, and the smokiness really went well with Elmer. Before and after dinner, I poured it over ice: nice!

There's not much left of  my first bottle of Elmer T, so I'll be heading out to get another, and this time I'll grab some Buffalo Trace too, to do some side-by-side sampling.