Artsy Guy in the ol' 'hood: Stone, Port...

The Beav and Squigs.Hey HHG Nation!  Artsy Guy here, on a quick trip back to the ol' stompin' grounds of Southern Cal and lovin' every minute of catchin' up with ol' pals and hittin' up old haunts.  First on the list... Stone!!  In the recent past, I've worked mere minutes from the hub of Southern California craft brewing for months on end, and I didn't take it for granted.  Now, as I'm back for a visit, I had to drop in for old times sake.  The Stone World Bistro and Gardens is Disneyland for the craft beer geek.  On this visit, I was accompanied by my pal, the Beav...

We tucked into tastes of both the amazing Stone brews (Ruination IPA, Belgo Anise Imperial Russian Stout) and guest suds.  And although we weren't in for a full meal (the selection of which boggles the mind), we did nosh on some appetizers (spud buds) and sides (focaccia, green beans and mushrooms).  So good!

Stone World Bistro and Gardens.

The grounds are stunning here!  A full acre of tiers of seating and fire pits and frog ponds.  Beautiful design inside and out.  Such a destination for the most seasoned of beer afficionados and mere devotees of fine hospitality and adventurous folks wanting to broaden their beer horizons.Some outdoor and action shots.

Dr. Bill and the Artsy Guy at Stone.I was able to say "hello" to "Dr." Bill Sysak ("Stone beverage  supervisor and certified Cicerone®").  Y'all run a fine establishment here, Dr. Bill, and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to drop in.  Best wishes to you and all y'all in all that's next!!

Pizza Port, Solana Beach.While in the general vicinity, I was also happy to drop into one of the three Pizza Ports along the north San Diego coast... the original in Solana Beach!  Home of some amazing brews including the tasty offerings of Lost Abbey Ales, the three Pizza Ports offer tasty grub and laid back vibes for coastal residents and visitors.  Such a great destination!

On this visit, I took advantage of the lunch special, which normally features a slice of 'za, good sized side salad, and a soda for under $5.  Well, you can upgrade the salad to a Caesar and upgrade the soda to one of the fab Port brews... and still come in under $8.  I enjoyed a Swami's IPA, named for nearby Swami's Beach which I had visited minutes before.  The waves were refreshing, and the IPA was even moreso.  Wow, I say!  Wow!  Such a great place to tuck in for lunch!Pizza Port, Solana Beach.

North San Diego County is truly a whirling dervish of craft beer activity.  I'd suggest a special trip to discover the amazingess.  Check out San Diego Brewers Guild for more info!  And that's what's HOPpenin', ladies and gents.  Cheers!