Artsy Guy in the ol' 'hood: Lucky Baldwin's and more...

Lucky Baldwin's, Pasadena.Hello, folks! Here's the third and final installment of my posts from my old stomping grounds in Southern California.  As my time in Cali waned, I was able to drop into one more favorite haunt: Lucky Baldwin's in Old Town Pasadena.  This is a great pub owned by an Irishman, featuring Belgian and local beers, and named for a local hero of sorts.

On the afternoon I dropped in – after a chill session drinking coffee and posting my last HHG post from an honest to goodness bookstore, Pasadena's treasured Vroman's – there was a large contingent of folks cheering on Manchester United in a satellite-broadcast footy match.  I ordered a half-order of their amazing fish and chips.  And I sampled a local IPA and a saison from Belgium (since we were in the midst of phase two of their annual Belgian fest).  Variety and adventure.  So much great stuff here... and at their second space: Lucky Baldwin's Delirium Café in Sierra Madre.  Great establishments!More Lucky Baldwin's.

And as I wind up my trip, I want to be sure to give y'all heads up about other wonderful places I've had the privilege of visiting over the years...
Blue Palms Brewhouse: This is another of my favorite Southern Cal beer bars.  I would have dropped in this time around, but I knew that HHG Jimmy had posted this amazing video about his visit a while back.  Go!
The Stuffed Sandwich: You've seen the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld? Sam at the Stuffed Sandwich has, at times, been likened to a beer nazi of sorts.  He has wonderful taste and strict respect for craft beer culture, and if you're on the same page, you will have a fantastic experience.  At the Stuffed Sandwich, you must buy food, and you won't be disappointed.
Father's Office: The original Father's Office sprouted from a 50-year-old local watering hole on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  After the current restrateurs took over, I was amongst the multitude of folks who waited on line for one of the absolute best burgers in LA.  Now they sport two locations (the newer one being in Culver City), serving up wonderful craft suds, those amazing burgers, and more.
Laurel Tavern: In my old 'hood, I was happy to find a gastropub with great crafty selection.  Nice craft selection and tasty grub.  And I came to find out that the owners had also conceived a couple other places including The Library Bar in downtown LA.

• A few other places definitely worth a mention based on a visit or two each over the years: Naja's Place on the water in Redondo Beach (a brilliant craft beer selection and almost always crazily crowded) and relative newcomer The Surly Goat in West Hollywood (another fab selection accompanied by a crazy crowd) and Golden State on Fairfax (home of the most amazing beer float ever... North Coast Old Rasputin over brown bread gelato).

Well, that's a whirlwind trip of the scene here.  Pick one – or several – and go!  The craft beer revolution is deep-seated in Los Angeles and its environs.  SO many choices and possibilities! And THAT'S what's HOPpenin' y'all!  Cheers!!