Artsy's Backyard: Spuyten Duyvil & Barcade...

Hey there!  Artsy Guy here, just passin' the time in NYC.  Sometimes, when you're in your own stompin' grounds, it's easy to take the local amazingness for granted.  Today, I was wandering on a much-deserved evening off and moseyed into a couple great joints.

Spuyten DuyvilSpuyten Duyvil (or spiting, spitting, haunting, etc. devil wherever you take your learnin') is a pioneering beer bar on Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  On each visit, I've experienced amazing beers that were new to me.  This visit found me with the Kuhnhenn Simcoe Silly Double IPA.  Wow!  Spuyten Duyvil was on the forefront of the import/craft beer movement in NYC, and they continue to be a vital and relevant force today.  Oh, and during the summer months, the back patio is a dreamy option to the cozy bar area.The taps and bottle list (and Jesus). The back yard. The draft list.

Barcade!Just a few blocks away is Barcade.  Those of my generation, will understand the draw of standup arcade games such as Galaga, Ms. Pac Man, Donkey Kong, etc.  Combine the joys of these video delights AND craft beer, and you've got Barcade on Union St. in Williamsburg.  Brilliant concept!  Leave it to those happy hipsters in Brooklyn to combine playtime and drinking.

The main digs.Hop to it, y'all!  There are so many wonderful finds wherever you are in the Big Apple... and in cities all across this fine country of ours.  And that's what's HOPpenin' y'all!  Cheers!!