Brewer's Choice!

Brewer's Choice!

Artsy Guy here with the bloggage from THE event of NYC Craft Beer Week: Brewer's Choice at City Winery. The fine folks of the Good Beer Seal and Beer Sessions Radio have assembled so many stars of the craft beer firmament that I'm wearing sunglasses... and a beer helmet. I'd pass it over to Communicator Guy if I could only find him. There he is! Nursing an '07 Smuttynose barleywine. Nope... He's onto a white IPA. Wait... He's now got a sour cherry Saison aged in whiskey casks from Kelso. Take a break, Jimmy!

City Winery.

Sorry Squigs, it got a little wacky there, I was wrasslin' a little ol' lady for a sample of Shmaltz Geektoberfest. Whew! What an assemblage of NYC Beer Cognicenti! And by that I mean awesome beerfolk. Truth: NY Craft Beer Week can really shepherd together some fine events. Artsy Guy and I have easily tasted (between the two of us) at least a dozen beers that we've never seen before or have been prepared in a way that we've never seen combined (crazy barrel aging, dry hopping, etc.)

And THE FOOD! (take it, Squigs...)

Ah, the food!

Ah, geez! Where to start? Each brewery is paired with a restaurant, cheesemonger, pretzel twister, charcuterarian (I kinda made that one up), etc. I've tasted oysters, smashed sweet potatoes with chorizo, turkey rillettes, pickled eggs, garlic and parsley pretzels, pulled pork, and much much more. They need a nap room at City Winery. Seriously, the radical variety in craft beer provides a multitude of food pairing possibilities!

Jimmy the Communicator and Squigs the Artsy.

What an amazing event! Great beer, great food, and the beautiful community brought together by craft beer. THAT'S what's HOPpenin'! Right, Communicator?

Yup! CHEERS!Who's fighting off paparazzi? Artsy! That's who!