Beer Balls!

Jimmy and Squigs on the scene!For those in NYC on this beautiful spring day, a little bit of time indoors at 404 10th Avenue was time well spent!  Today, we were presented with Beer Balls thanks to the gang at GetRealNYC.  Unlimited craft beer (some AMAZING stuff) with unlimited meatballs of amazing taste and variety.  It was a lot to juggle.

There were so many great brews being poured.  A couple of nifty surprises were the espresso amber from Peak Organic (a lot of vanilla and coffee happening there) and an impromptu pairing of Original Sin Cherry Tree Cider and Ommegang Aphrodite... such different pours but with such interesting similarities.  Of course, there were plenty of big ol' beers too.  So many wonderful pales (Hill Farmstead Edward) and IPAs (Dogfish Head 75 Minute on cask) and imperial stouts (a fab barrel aged brew from Kelso) and hard-hitting reds (Tongue Buckler from Ballast Point) and much much more.

Casks and many balls.And the meatballs!! So many choices! Beef, turkey, elk, venison, and more!  We tried so many amazing bites, but a couple that really stood out were the cumin and mint tinged balls from Blind Tiger and the Berkshire pork and chive soup dumpling meatballs with wonton chips from Alewife Queens.  Wow!

NYC beer lovers were out in force. such a great turnout, but not prohibitively crowded!The Crew. Great job, GetRealNYC!!We love the gang at GetRealNYC!  Patrick and Cuzme and Mary and the gang consistently bring us fantastic events with great brews and nosh.  We hear tell of an amazing outdoor event headed our way in May, and when it's announced, you can be sure that the Happy Hour Guys will get you the 411.  Thanks, y'all, for the amazingness!  THAT's what's HOPpenin', y'all!  Cheers!