Boston Beer Works

S'up McGlass Peeps! Stat guy here. So the guys dropped me off at Logan here in Boston because I gotta head west, but I had time for one at the airport before takeoff. Boston Beer Work's own, Golden Ale. It's doing me well at the moment! And the bartender, Jeff (his name is my name toooo :) even gets to exert is artistic chops, when they send along the beer with no tap... He gets all creative, and writes his own!! Check the Watermellon Brew.... Whaaaaaat? :)


I'm supposed to be in the air right now. No, seriously; in an alternate universe, I'm on a plane from PHF to LGA, winging it to the Bulleit Rye rollout event in NYC. I'll make it (I think): but the sign at the gate simply reads: DELAYED. No other info; just that horrible D word that has been responsible for so many extra points of raised blood pressure over the years. However, here at PHF, just 20 steps from the gate is the Blue Sky Cafe, where there is craft on draft! For a mere $6 per (cheap for airport beer) Legends Brewing Brown Ale, Harpoon IPA, Widmer Hefe and RedHook Winter Hook. Deep breath, folks. Where there is craft, all is well. Now what's my seat assignment....?