Lost (and found) in Austin: FRANK.

Deep in the wilds of Austin, Texas (actually, the only thing wild about Austin is the night life....) Okay, I’ll start over.  Deep in the newly refurbished WAREHOUSE DISTRICT of Austin, a bustling node of coolness rife with new bars and restaurants, lies FRANK.

One could best describe FRANK as... well, a very cool bar, restaurant, and sausage emporium.  Yes, I said sausage emporium, and I wasn’t being ironic in any way.  The subtitle of the place is “Purveyors of Artisan Sausage”.  The designer sausages available on the menu here are many, tasty and varied including Jackalope and beer soaked Brats, and they are all complimented beautifully by a wonderful variety of local craft beverages, from wines, to a local vodka, to many craft beers, both local and from favorite popular craft brewers nationwide.   

There are wonderful happy hour deals, daily specials, and side dishes like beanie weenies and waffle fry nachos.  Mouth watering yet? And any place that has a huge dachshund mural on the wall can’t be all bad, can it?   

Learn much more about FRANK as well as the warehouse district of Austin here: