Blind Tiger. Brunch. Brand new Guy.

Artsy Guy here. I'm new. Jimmy and Mark tossed me on board at the Pony All American party last week, and if that isn't a way to join the party I don't know what is. Howdy!

What better way is there to spend a beautiful (if breezy) Sunday afternoon than brunch? Brunch with beer you say? I'll agree with you. Thanks for the segue!

I'm occupying a sidewalk-view stool at Blind Tiger Ale House in NYC's West Village. They've got a killer breakfast sandwich (and more on their improved menu), and those who know me will attest to the fact that I'm a happy camper with a pint of West Coast IPA from Green Flash in lovely Vista, CA.

Great place, this Blind Tiger! And the people watching is lively too. And that's what's HOPpenin'. (Man, did I just attempt a catch phrase?) Cheers, y'all!

(Photo note: Not all pints come with minivans.)