Guinness is good for you.

Howdy!  Artsy Guy here... again.  I swear I'm not one of those guys at the bar who just chats your ear off.  It just looks like it here because I've posted the last four entries.  Where all my other guys be at?  Ha ha!  Anyhoo...

I was happy to tag along with HHG Mark last night to Guinness' NYC kickoff of their new Guinness Black Lager.  It was a flashy affair at Hudson Terrace on far West 46th.  Plenty of "blacks" (which was the term the bartenders were using for the new brew), stunning views, and dancing girls... all on a beautiful NYC eve.  HHG Mark said, "I think this is the first event we've been invited to that has dancing girls."  It was very fancy, y'all.

HHG Mark and the dancers. Stack o' black lager. Mark and Guinness Head Brewmaster Fergal Murray.The highlight of the evening was getting to chat with Guinness Master Brewer Fergal Murray.  After cutting his teeth on the production side of Guinness brewing, he's been in his current position for 28 years.  While he and the company remain passionate about the legacy of their traditional brews, he also gets excited for new products, and he hopes that Guinness Black Lager will become the choice of clubgoers and tailgaters everywhere.  Great guy, that Fergal.  A big shout out to you from the Happy Hour Guys Nation.  Have one for the squeak at the gate.

Ooh... interesting note:  Did you know that Guinness has a brewery in Nigeria?  It will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.  How about that?  Cheers!