Harvest Moon Brewery!

So just down the street from the George Street Playhouse, where I'm rehearsing these days, BING!  There's a brewpub!  (I knew I loved New Brunswick.)  Yup, the Harvest Moon Brewery, at 392 George Street, literally just down the street from the train station in New Brunswick has been in this space (in quite an old building) since 1994, and under the present ownership since 2003.

We didn't have time to ask a ton of questions, but there was time to speak to a bartender, have a meal and sample some beers after a long day in the rehearsal studio.

We tasted our way through several of their beers, and very much enjoyed the Porter, a nice Double IPA and an especially fine Barleywine.  The menu is quite nice and well priced.  (My burrito was pretty fantastic.)  We'll be in the neighborhood for a while, so perhaps we'll get back there for some video.  Stay tuned!  Meanwhile, whenever and wherever you can, DRINK LOCAL!  Cheers!