On a bus ride through Wisconsin.

These days, it’s unlike us to do a spot without an accompanying video, but this was so unexpected and cool we just had to put it up as soon as possible.  As some you know, Jimmy is on tour at the moment with the National Broadway company of 101 Dalmatians - recently we pulled up stakes in Minneapolis (where we had a great time and did an episode aboutMackenzie, The Bar Next Door) and headed for a week’s playing in Appleton Wisconsin at the Fox Performing Arts Center.  We don’t usually take busses from place to place (most of the time we fly) but this was a short enough jaunt that we rolled through across the prairie from one great American city to another.  What a way to see this country.

We stopped for a quick lunch at a gas station/subway store in the middle of the western prairie in Wisconsin.  Now, Jimmy is always on the lookout for Local Brews, and there, in the cooler of the Quickie Mart (or whatever the place was) a completely unexpected boon; a sampler of New Glarus Brewing’s finest.  SCORE!  

So, as any good Happy Hour Guy would, Jimmy climbed back on the bus and shared the delights of this fine Brewery with the rest of the company on the way to Appleton.  Sad to say, Appleton is a little too far north of New Glarus to get down there for a video shoot in the short week that we have before we head to Atlanta, but we now understand why New Glarus is rising very quickly into the brewing stratosphere.  We found their brews to be extremely well-crafted and individual, with a style all their own that harkens back to the rich brewing history of Wisconsin, a state that was once a mecca of beer for the entire US, if not the world.  

So a big thank you to New Glarus for making a very pretty monday trip across the plains even prettier.  And a specially big shout-out to their Stone Soup and  Coffee Stout brews, that made the sun just a big more bright and the grass a tad more lush.  

We’ll see you guys next time.  Cheers!