Pony All American party!

The line begins.

Mirjana - why so happy?  Because you're pouring cask ale?

Love the headgear.  And the beer.

Happy Happy Hour Guys.

... with the owner of the Pony Bar, Dan McLaughlin.  Way to go Dan!

Mark, Jimmy, Scott and Sqiggs are at Lansdowne Road tonight, celebrating the 2 year anniversary of The Pony Bar. Lookit all them All Americans!

There are sure to be some very special and rare brews on tonight, in honor if this great Local and the drove of dedicated drinkers that love it. 


Founders KBS
Avery Meph Addict
Allahash Vrienden
Ithaca Excelsior 13
Nectar Black Xantus
Dogfish World Wide Stout...
And about 14 more all on tap.

God help us.

Video #76: The Happy Hour Guys got a pony! The Pony Bar!

Mark and Jimmy find a real reason to celebrate in Midtown Manhattan with the arrival of The Pony Bar, an oasis of American Craft Beer on 45th and 10th. Owner Dan McLaughlin's inviting space features 20 draft lines of beer and two cask ales that are always rotating, providing for new taste experiences every time you come in the door. Add to that the Pony All American Club, their Brewery Tours, a solid kitchen menu and a great staff, and you've got a place that's sure to be in New York for a long, long time. If you're within a hundred mile radius, saddle up and head over to The Pony. Cheers!