THHG & Planet Princeton: A Pub Crawl to raise money for Homefront!

What Marley says...goes.

What Marley says...goes.

Jacob Marley said it best: "Business? Mankind was my business. The Common Welfare was my business. Charity, Mercy, Forbearance and Benevolence were ALL my business!"

So how can you do your part for Mankind this holiday season? By raising a glass with The Happy Hour Guys and Planet Princeton, of course!

This Tuesday, December 16th, The Happy Hour Guys are teaming up with Planet Princeton and the McCarter Theatre to offer a new holiday tradition - a holiday pub crawl through historic Princeton village led by History and Drinking (and History of Drinking) buff Jimmy Ludwig. Jimmy is presently acting in A Christmas Carol at McCarter for his 10th season (WOW), playing Nephew Fred, the Schoolmaster and the Undertaker. Members of the cast of A Christmas Carol will be tagging along as we make stops at:


The Yankee Doodle Tavern, The Alchemist & Barrister, Winberie's, and the Triumph Brewing Company.

Follow this link to the eventbrite invitation:

Throughout the evening there will be history and tidbits about each space (and other fascinating things) led by Jimmy, along with raffles, door prizes, and other fun to raise money for HomeFront, a charity that is working to end homelessness for New Jersey families. Come do your part to help this holiday season, and in the best way possible; by raising a glass with new friends. Hope to see you there!



Video #51: Cratchit's Crawl part 2: The Alchemist & Barrister.

The A&B, at 28 Witherspoon Street in Princeton, New Jersey has seen its share of interesting events since it first was built in the 19th century. It's been a barn, a courthouse, a poolroom and for the last 50 plus years it's been a restaurant and pub, 35 of them as today's Alchemist and Barrister. When the smart folk from the nearby university wander over to bend an elbow next to the rest of us, we're sharing a drink amongst yesterday's stables and quite possibly the holding area for the former courthouse. Rumor has it that not all of the past visitors have taken their leave, either, if the ghost stories are to be believed. For a quaint journey back to a simpler time, the A&B can't be beat. their website says it well: 

"The Pub is a classic throwback to the days when congregating in the local pub meant socializing, meeting people and conversing in a pleasant and friendly manner."  Cheers!

Video #50: Cratchit's Crawl part 1: Triumph Brewing.

The Guys make their way (thanks to the McCarter Theatre and A Christmas Carol) to Princeton, NJ, and engage in Cratchit's Crawl, a visit to two of the most remarkable bars in downtown Princeton. Triumph has only been in existence since 1994, but they are making some fantastic beers and the space and the staff are first rate. Special thanks to Tom Stevenson, Christine Mitchell, Nikki Walker, Annie O'Sullivan and Brittany Beatty for their help in creating a great evening and a memorable episode. Happy Holidays, Happy Hour Guys-ers!  Cheers!