A visit to The Alchemist: Family.

Time to re-learn two very important lessons this holiday season: Good leadership is vital, and family is all.

Jimmy and Kristen made their way through Vermont this last summer as part of their pre-Jake 'babymoon', and when in Vermont, one must BEER in Vermont - so it was time to drop in on our old friends at the Alchemist. We've known these folks since the 'oughts', and have watched them grow through some pretty unimaginable challenges. And though they make some of the best beer in the world, when you hang out with them, you realize that what's first in founder / owners John and Jen Kimmichs' hearts a leadership style that makes some of the happiest beer people we've ever met.

Join us for a peek at the Alchemist Family. Happy Holidays, and CHEERS!

Video episode #281: The Martini is a 3oz. drink - at the Prohibition Pig.

The Guys make their way back to Waterbury, Vermont, to close a circle started in motion by John and Jen Kimmich, and furthered by the tragedy that was Hurricane Irene; the Prohibition Pig now takes full possession of the space once occupied by The Alchemist Pub and Brewery. Learn just how cool the new place is, their philosophy of food and drink, and just why you should run - not walk - to get there as soon as possible.  Cheers!