Just another day of (Barrel) Unicorns: Barbarian Brewing.

Boise, Idaho. It’s a shibboleth! (Look it up.) And while you’re at it, make plans to GET YOURSELF TO BOISE, because you may not see these straight up terrific beers anywhere else. Born of sheer will, funk, sporadic spontaneous fermentation and barrel staves, the Barbarian Brewing flavor parade is long and ever changing. James Long and Bre Hovley are throwing a welcome series of curve balls in a world dominated by hops and haze. Follow the unicorns, folks - they’ll take you to amazing places.

And big thanks to our capture crew for the day - Kristen Beth Williams, Sky Seals, Rachel Kaufman, Gabe Aronson, Sean Michael Buckley, John Brown, and Kurt Jenkins. Enjoy!