Video #289: Beer Hero - Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

Our Beer Heroes documentary series continues: Welcome Brewer, Geologist, former 2-term Mayor of Denver and current Governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper!

The Governor, Duncan Clauss (owner of ABC) and Jimmy

The Governor, Duncan Clauss (owner of ABC) and Jimmy

Our latest Beer Hero couldn't be more deserving: The first Brewer to occupy a State Governorship since Samuel Adams in 1793, Governor Hickenlooper's involvement with Craft goes back a long way. From humble beginnings as a homebrewer, to becoming an owner of a brewpub that helped rebuild the defunct LODO section of Denver, the Governor has always known that Craft Creates. 

So after finding that the Governor would be in Aspen for the Ideas Festival, we contacted his communications staff and asked for an interview. Initially we were told that we had 5 minutes; the Governor ended up staying nearly a half hour. 

Click play above for seat at the Aspen Brewing Company's production facility just outside town, and a past, present and future look at this talented politician and downright terrific guy. Cheers!