First in Ohio: Great Lakes Brewing.

A long awaited dream comes to fruition as The Guys make a stop in Cleveland, OH, to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Not only were they the first brewpub in Ohio, but since 1988 (!!) they have led the industry in many other ways, and continue to do so to this very day. This is an amazing company with a loving past and a very, very bright future - we were overjoyed to visit. No one can claim to have knowledge of US Craft Beer history without a stop at Great Lakes. Press play, and check them out!

And a big Happy Hour Guys thank you to our MDQ Cleveland team on this day - thanks Sky Seals, Eric Anthony, Kristen Beth Williams, James Barry, and Gabe Aronson for pitching in!

BREW DAY: Waitress brews "It's for Adrienne" Cherry Cream Ale!

Sixpoint Brewing's facility in Redhook, Brooklyn, is understated - it's not the kind of showplace  that many Craft brewers, who've been around as long as they have, have created. That said, it's one of the coolest places that we've ever brewed in. Watch & find out why - what a terrific day.

Video #307: The Celebration continues - Ale Street News, at Ginger Man!

Passing the milestone of our 300th episode has been humbling, exciting, and loads of fun; and what better way to continue the party than with a keen look at two East Coast Craft Beer institutions - a visit to The Ginger Man, a classic NYC beer bar that opened its doors in 1996, and a chat with Ale Street News, a Craft Beer periodical (that's newsprint, folks - actual physical newsprint!) that has been in circulation since 1992. Enjoy!