Gone, or not forgotten: 5 bars The Happy Hour Guys want you to remember.

Great Bars form the very fabric of our communities. They were Social Media before social media was electrified.  Take some advice from us; the next time you stop in somewhere for a glass or a pint, don't watch TV - start a conversation

And raise a glass to these terrific places:

The Collins Bar

The Collins was a midtown NYC watering hole that was #Craft before it was cool. Sadly it succumbed to the pressure of development, and a Big Shiny Expensive Building rises there as we speak.

The Jameson Tavern

The Jameson Tavern still exists! But it has endured a number of challenges in recent years, and could use all the help it can get. Stop in on the off-season and ghost hunt, like we did.

McReilly's Pub

McReilly's was a neighborhood touchstone in Long Island City, NY. Mark made it for the closing day party a sad loss to the area indeed.

General Lafayette Inn & Brewery

Boasting some terrific history and an in-house brewpub, General Lafayette's was a real gem just outside of Philly that closed around 2010. A great loss to that community, and to the beer culture at large.

Mulberry Street Bar

We got to step back in time to one of NYC oldest bars with this Little Italy gem, which still exists, but has endured some challenges from developers as well. Donnie Brasco, The Sopranos, and Law & Order all shot here in the past. Formerly called Mare Chiaro, the place has a social club décor that's barely changed since it opened in 1908: a towering, ornate wooden back bar with inset mirrors at the top, a subway tile floor, and swaths of pressed tin along the ceiling and walls.

Got a great Local that needs saving? Reach out to us here at the website - we'd love to help. Cheers!