Hey all,

We need your help! ( And there could be something in it for you!) Crown Royal has asked us to be part of their1st ever digital gift swap. Essentially, it's a "Yankee swap", where you keep the gift bag you're given or "steal" what the person before you got. Great gifts!

So far, 2 iPads and a Happy Hour for 40 friends have been given. The best part: we receive 2 of whatever we get and will be giving one to a lucky one of you guys!

So--- let us know why YOU should be the person to share our gift. Video entries get extra credit! Our day to choose is Tuesday, Nov. 22nd.


Hit our Facebook Page, or our Twitter Feed (use the hashtag #passthecrown), and let us know if we should keep this gift, or take a risk on the next one.  Let's have some fun!