Just another day of (Barrel) Unicorns: Barbarian Brewing.

Boise, Idaho. It’s a shibboleth! (Look it up.) And while you’re at it, make plans to GET YOURSELF TO BOISE, because you may not see these straight up terrific beers anywhere else. Born of sheer will, funk, sporadic spontaneous fermentation and barrel staves, the Barbarian Brewing flavor parade is long and ever changing. James Long and Bre Hovley are throwing a welcome series of curve balls in a world dominated by hops and haze. Follow the unicorns, folks - they’ll take you to amazing places.

And big thanks to our capture crew for the day - Kristen Beth Williams, Sky Seals, Rachel Kaufman, Gabe Aronson, Sean Michael Buckley, John Brown, and Kurt Jenkins. Enjoy!

You look GREAT for 190: Neir's Tavern.

THE WEEKEND IS HERE! (ALMOST)… And even if you think you know New York, the truth is, you never quite know…you know?

Hidden gems. History. No city offers up secrets and surprises ‘across the bar’ like NYC.

To that end, we present: NEIR’s:

Join us as we plumb the depths of this neighborhood institution that has stood the test of time like only a handful of bars have: Over 190 years worth.

We have a challenge for you: Who’s headed out this weekend? Prove to us that you stopped by Neir’s this weekend (pics or it didn’t happen, tagging us (@happyhourguys) and Neir’s (@NeirsTavern) and we’ll send you some swag!

And COME ON BY FOR THEIR 190th BIRTHDAY, coming up on October 5th, 2019! We’ll be there, and we hope to see as many of you as possible. Cheers!

First in Ohio: Great Lakes Brewing.

A long awaited dream comes to fruition as The Guys make a stop in Cleveland, OH, to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Not only were they the first brewpub in Ohio, but since 1988 (!!) they have led the industry in many other ways, and continue to do so to this very day. This is an amazing company with a loving past and a very, very bright future - we were overjoyed to visit. No one can claim to have knowledge of US Craft Beer history without a stop at Great Lakes. Press play, and check them out!

And a big Happy Hour Guys thank you to our MDQ Cleveland team on this day - thanks Sky Seals, Eric Anthony, Kristen Beth Williams, James Barry, and Gabe Aronson for pitching in!