Video episode #219: The Queens Kickshaw - Don't forget the grilled cheese.

Mark, Jimmy, and Squigs are back in ASTORIA (Why leave Astoria, anyway?) at the Queens Kickshaw! In a very short period, this haven of craft liquids and solids has made an indelible imprint on this evolving neighborhood. Cold Brewed coffee, craft beers, Kombucha Ale, gruyere grilled cheeses... sounds like heaven to us. What is a Kickshaw, anyway? Join us and find out. Cheers!

Fatty's... It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Hey, what's up G's!?  Stat Guy here... now I know that the Historian Guy kinda has the monopoly on places in Astoria around here, but I've also been kicking around there a bit these days.  So I wanted to share this place, Fatty's Cafe, with Happy Hour Nation, (just in case you didn't already know :)  

Up on Ditmars and Crescent, the last stop on the N, Q train if you're coming from Manhattan, the place is just a wonderful, laid back, neighborhood joint.  Perfect for locals to amble toward for really tasty food, dynamite Mojitos or Margaritas, play chess at the bar, or even just to browse some world-class artwork (as they treat their wall space as a kind of revolving gallery for local artists.)  Or as in my case today, it's also a sweet place to just drop in to see some friends and drink a few Dead Guy Ales (From the good people up at Rogue in Oregon!  Mmmm.)  Really tho, the place is cool.  They should call it PHATTy's!  They even have outside seating in the back garden for beautiful days like today... I've always had a blast here, so check it out if you're ever in the hood.  Now, it's off to Astoria Park for some FriZz-Bee!  Yea, life is Good!  Happy Holiday Weekend, folks.  Live it up!  Stat Guy OUT!  


Video episode #146: Vesta Wine Bar!

The Guys make a stop off at this VERY cool new place on 21st street in Astoria, New York. Vesta is generating buzz on many levels, from getting reviews listing the food as some of the best in the borough to serving local wines... ON TAP. Oh, and they get much of their produce from a 1 acre Organic roof garden in Queens, and feature a veggie farm stand on saturdays! How cool is that? Enjoy!