Beers at UCLA... or Bruin Brews...


Sup Homies.  Stat Guy back atcha.  So I stopped into Westwood Brewing this afternoon to check it out.  It's a Brew/Pub located just south of the UCLA Campus here in Westwood.  Maybe it's where John Wooden used to tip a few back with Bill Walton!... (but, probably not.)  The place is pretty low-key at the moment but sure to be jumping later with hundreds of 21 year-olds... or under-grads with fake id's (ugh... I'll be waaaaay out of here by then :)  

Anyway, they have about 40 taps in rotation including SIX that come straight from some 381 gallon tanks!  Not bad on that front.  To switch things up I tried one of their Reds, the Ruby Red Ale... mm, Not bad.  But after that I reverted to my first love (I always revert!) and tried a Full Sail Amber Ale from Oregon.  Yea, that's better... Is it just me or is everything from Oregon cool???  

Overall the place is okay... kinda drab and maybe a little too college-y for my taste (my girlfriend Kisha would be shocked to hear me say such a thing (Pic from UCLA basketball game in December, below... so sorry for the UCLA shirt Florida peeps)... but you know what I mean right?

Somehow this place kinda lacks the good college bar vibe/style/charm... like a grog-spot you'd find in Ann Arbor or Gainesville.)  Plus the bartender on today is about as personable as a still-life painting (of a pile of tree branches)... buuut maybe he's just having a bad day.  General consensus:  If you're in the neighborhood, check it out, but don't go out of your way.  There are lots of other places to check out in the area, after all.  At the very least least though it might be a pretty cool place to get a fresh Ale and a Burger to watch the NBA Playoffs. Starting tomorrow folks!  Speaking of that, if you're into Sports as Culture check out my blog the Under Dogs.  I'm already sorry for the shameless plug :)  Thanks for reading.  Mahalo!  J