If its not Scottish, its Tract!

Hey HHG -- Happy Guy Joe in MI here. Stopped in to The Blue Tractor in Ann Arbor yesterday night, just in time for 10pm Happy Hour. Half off all of their homemade brews, which takes a pint down to 3 bucks! 

I started with the Scottish Ale, and man, that made my head spin. Licorice and honey notes, with a slap-yo-face start and a sweet finish. Good stuff, but too hard core for me. I switched over to the Java Stout for my second pint. Half off means I get two, right?

For the macro-fans, they have a decent craft pilsner, and if that still scares them off, you can buy cans of PBR, Black Label (my dad's favorite), Stroh's, Blatz and Schlitz for $2.50.