Cook Out NYC

Hey all! Communicator Guy here, checking in from Governor's Island, (as in, why the F haven't I been out here before? Governor's Island) just a short FREE ferry ride from South Ferry at the southern tip if Manhattan. We're here today for FoodKarma's Cook Out NYC, a festival of grilled meat and craft beer like none we've ever seen. On tap are 4 varieties of Sixpoint Craft Ales, including the Righteus Rye, Signal Smoked Amber (!!), Belgian IPA, and the Brevity Belgian Wit flanked by meat meat meat from Incredible NY area restaurants literally as far as the eye can see! Jimmy Carbone (of Jimmy's #43, one of our favorite NYC bars) is hosting. A recommendation you can try at home: Sixpoint Signal with a barbecued pork Belly adobo. A can't miss summer treat. WOW!