A few parting shots...

Artsy guy here!  Wow.  What a day it was at Cookout NYC!  Here are a few more photos from the festivities...

People and flames!Mama's making little burgers, and the tunes are jammin'!Lady Liberty.Again, make it a point to get to this event next year.  Truly amazing!  And even beyond this event, Governor's Island is a great place to visit on a summer weekend's day.  The ferry is free.  You can bring a picnic and rent bikes.  Check out their site for their calendar of events.  That's what's HOPpenin', y'all!

Still Cookin'!

Artsy Guy again! Okay, here in the middle of the East River, the first food coma has set in. We've had pork belly, buffalo tongue, and shaved ice with fruity pebbles. Now it's time to pull up a patch o' grass an prep for another raid on the meat lockers. Here are a few shots.

Cook Out NYC

Hey all! Communicator Guy here, checking in from Governor's Island, (as in, why the F haven't I been out here before? Governor's Island) just a short FREE ferry ride from South Ferry at the southern tip if Manhattan. We're here today for FoodKarma's Cook Out NYC, a festival of grilled meat and craft beer like none we've ever seen. On tap are 4 varieties of Sixpoint Craft Ales, including the Righteus Rye, Signal Smoked Amber (!!), Belgian IPA, and the Brevity Belgian Wit flanked by meat meat meat from Incredible NY area restaurants literally as far as the eye can see! Jimmy Carbone (of Jimmy's #43, one of our favorite NYC bars) is hosting. A recommendation you can try at home: Sixpoint Signal with a barbecued pork Belly adobo. A can't miss summer treat. WOW!

Contest: FREE TICKETS to Cook Out NYC, Governor's Island!

Greetings Happy Hour Nation!  We've got a great offer for you.  Our friends at Cook Out NYC, on Sunday July 10th at Governor's Island, have offered us 2 sets of FREE TICKETS! 

2 groups of 2 will go to Cook Out NYC and get all the food and beer that they can possibly consume... FOR FREE.  Here's all you have to do:

Message us, either on the Facebook Feed, the Twitter feed, here at the Website, or at info@thehappyhourguys.com, and send us your favorite 'Happy Hour Guys' picture - the theme is you being a Happy Hour Guy in your own domain.  You're on a quest to bring the best in bars, craft beverages, and humor to all.  Show us your inventiveness as you Laugh, Learn, Drink!  For example:

Mark and I will then review and choose 2 winners.  Each winner will receive 2 tickets to Cook Out NYC on Sunday July 10.  Unlimited food and beer!  (What could be better?)