Video #302, at Woody Creek Distilling; from Field to Face.

The Stobrawa is a type of potato that until recently had never been grown anywhere in the North or South America. 

Woody Creek Distillers has changed that.

Also, they're making an astonishing lineup of Craft Spirits, from their Signature 'old world style' Vodka, to Rye, Bourbon, Gin, White Whiskey and their soon-to-be released Colorado Scotch Style Whiskey, to their stunning, palate-surprising Reserve Vodka, Stobrawa. Press play to meet the team, have a look inside the still house, and also have a seat behind the bar in their gorgeous tasting room. Enjoy!

Bulleit Rye release event!

Yup, I made it.  And here's the proof:

Safe to say, there was a lot of mixology going on.  More to come soon.  Mmmmmm, Rye.

So after hanging out with Tom Bulleit at this event,  I must say that Bulleit's Rye is quite surprising: It's actually very mellow, like it was intended to be mixed in a cocktail.  One would expect that rye to come charging across the palate like a 'high rye' bourbon, but it doesn't.  Ironically, I would place Bulleit Rye in a softer arena than Bulleit Bourbon!  Sampled neat, I found it to be very easy going and with a little (very little) water it came alive with some spice - but this is not a spirit that's going to stand up to a lot of water or ice.  Interesting choice, Tom.  Very cool.

Video #45: Tuthilltown Distillery! (& Climber's Ranch?)

 The Guys make their way into the Hudson Valley, to the first whiskey distillery in the State of New York since before prohibition. Wow, this stuff is good. Add in the beautiful scenery and a slew of fine spirits, and you've got one incredible combination. Viva la... End of Prohibition!!  Cheers!