Bulleit Rye release event!

Yup, I made it.  And here's the proof:

Safe to say, there was a lot of mixology going on.  More to come soon.  Mmmmmm, Rye.

So after hanging out with Tom Bulleit at this event,  I must say that Bulleit's Rye is quite surprising: It's actually very mellow, like it was intended to be mixed in a cocktail.  One would expect that rye to come charging across the palate like a 'high rye' bourbon, but it doesn't.  Ironically, I would place Bulleit Rye in a softer arena than Bulleit Bourbon!  Sampled neat, I found it to be very easy going and with a little (very little) water it came alive with some spice - but this is not a spirit that's going to stand up to a lot of water or ice.  Interesting choice, Tom.  Very cool.