The Broadway Brews Project beer #2: SCHOOL OF ROCK.

The Broadway Brews Project continues!

Just like we did with Hamilton an American Musical and Gun Hill Brewing recently, we, The Happy Hour Guys, are putting a hit Broadway show together with a local brewer, to brew a beer for Charity. Our eventual goal: The Broadway Six Pack - six shows, six beers, six amazing causes.

And here comes Brew #2; we're matching School of Rock the Musical with Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands, NJ - and they're brewing for the good folk over at Sing For Hope.

Brew Day is October 20th, and the release party will be...well, as soon as this kick-ass, hard-rockin' beer is ready.

Craft Beer and Broadway are together again. Cheers!


Video #277: Carton Brewing - Beer IS Cuisine.

Mark, Jimmy and Jeff make their way just a short distance south of NYC to dispel a few rumors: The white stuff on the ground is snow, not sand; Jersey is a beautiful State, and thanks to folks like Carton Brewing (and Founder Augie Carton) in Atlantic Highlands, it is becoming redolent with Craft Beer. And hey, what's in the Tippy? Let's have a look. Cheers!