Bell's Brewing is in NYC!


The entire New York City area craft beer community has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Michigan's Bell's Brewing...and it's here. Jimmy caught this picture of kegs of Kalamazoo Stout and Two Hearted Ale rolling into Beer Culture in midtown Manhattan just minutes ago. The Bell's launch event is ON!

Video #273: BEERmuda Triangle - Bell's Brewing, and Bagger Dave's Cascade!

Last summer's BEERmuda Triangle Tour continues, as the Guys continue onward from Beer City USA for 2012/2013, Grand Rapids, MI, and head to one of the places where Craft Beer got started in Michigan - Bell's Brewing. Larry Bell got Craft going in the Great Beer State way back in 1984, fermenting with a 5 gallon soup tureen covered with Saran Wrap! My how things have change.  And how happy are the folks at Bagger Dave's Cascade location, when they discover what their prize is! Eat well, drink local! Cheers - 

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!


January can be dark and cold in Michigan. But it also brings great promise. And great beer.  Bell's Hopslam can be found in 6-packs in just about every grocery store, and some of the lucky bars get a few kegs to tap.  It is a great time to be alive in the mitten.  (Photo Credit: Greg Pots)

Look for more information on availability HERE: (Jimmy and Mark may even get some in NYC after Jan 20th!)

Bagger Dave's

Hey Kids!  Loud Guy here. I stopped by a relatively new place in my hometown of Brighton, MI on Friday. Bagger Dave's is a local Michigan chain, with their specialty being really really good burgers. But, their bar is a maniacal romp through local Michigan Beers.  Let me list a few brewers on their menu:

  • Arcadia (Battle Creek)
  • Atwater (Detroit)
  • Bell's (K-zoo)
  • Founders (Grand Rapids)
  • Frankenmuth 
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Short's (NW Lower Peninsula)
  • Michigan Brewing Company (Webberville)
  • New Holland


Holy selection, Batman, that's a lot of great beers!  If you're in Michigan, I highly recommend a "build your own burger" with the spicy artichoke spread and a sampling of one of these great beers.


Monday Night Jazz

Hey folks. Joe the Loud Guy here. And Monday night I lived up to that, going to see Paul Keller Orchestra's weekly night of jazz at Zal Gaz Grotto in Ann Arbor.  Nothing special on tap there, but they did have $4 bottles of Bell's Oberon and Winter White Ale. And the jazz was outstanding -- man, what a sax section!

Zal Gaz Grotto is associated with the Masons (not the people who make the jelly jars, apparently). It is open to the public on Monday and Tuesday nights for some awesome jazz -- Monday night is PKO's Big Band, and Tuesday night is Paul Klinger's Easy Street Band. And sometimes the Cake Lady is there! They have standard bar food available, and a small bar. Sometimes they get growlers from Wolverine State Brewing Company across the street...


Paul Klinger's Easy Street Jazz Band

Summertime, and the Oberon's pouring

Hello out there , beautiful people. Joe here, the Michigan Guy-at-large. I was in Cleary's Pub in Howell on Monday night, and the first sign of spring was there -- Bell's Oberon. Now, if the snow would just stop falling, I can get down to some serious snoozing-on-the-patio chill'axin'.

By the way -- Cleary's (on Grand River, east of Mich Ave) has half-off on pizzas on Monday nights. That's $7 for a large pepperoni. And it may be the best pie in the L.C.