To micro or not to micro

This weekend I'm having family over for an early season cookout. I have the grillables ready, plenty of veggies for those who don't like meat, and plenty of meat for those who don't like veggies, and a ton of cheese for both. 

But now the tough question: should I buy the "standard family macro beer"?  I'm a Happy Hour Guy, and with that comes great responsibility -- sharing my love for craft beverages.  But, my family drinks macro-brews when they get together. In fact, a macro-brew that I've never liked and won't drink when I visit them (I'd rather just have tap water, thanks). But, I'm the host, and I want to please my guests.

How can I please my guests when they only want horrible beer?

I think this is from the SI swimsuit edition, 1988.

I think this is from the SI swimsuit edition, 1988.

So this evening, as I wander the ever-expanding beer aisle of my local supermarket, I will be faced with a decision -- do I force my love for craft beer on folks who aren't ready for it? Or do I break down and buy a 6-pack of the family-standard brewskis and just shut my pie hole?

What will you do?

It's Here! It's Here! It's Here!


January can be dark and cold in Michigan. But it also brings great promise. And great beer.  Bell's Hopslam can be found in 6-packs in just about every grocery store, and some of the lucky bars get a few kegs to tap.  It is a great time to be alive in the mitten.  (Photo Credit: Greg Pots)

Look for more information on availability HERE: (Jimmy and Mark may even get some in NYC after Jan 20th!)

Bagger Dave's

Hey Kids!  Loud Guy here. I stopped by a relatively new place in my hometown of Brighton, MI on Friday. Bagger Dave's is a local Michigan chain, with their specialty being really really good burgers. But, their bar is a maniacal romp through local Michigan Beers.  Let me list a few brewers on their menu:

  • Arcadia (Battle Creek)
  • Atwater (Detroit)
  • Bell's (K-zoo)
  • Founders (Grand Rapids)
  • Frankenmuth 
  • Mt. Pleasant
  • Short's (NW Lower Peninsula)
  • Michigan Brewing Company (Webberville)
  • New Holland


Holy selection, Batman, that's a lot of great beers!  If you're in Michigan, I highly recommend a "build your own burger" with the spicy artichoke spread and a sampling of one of these great beers.


Video: WSBC Garden Weasel at MISBF

Hey Artsy, move over and let someone else have a chance.  In preparation for THHG's eminent trip to the Wolverine State Brewing Company next week, here's what we sampled at the Michigan Summer Brewers Festival last month: Garden Weasel!  Thanks to The Beer Wench for the sassy brew and sassier talk.

Video: Erin's MISBF Food Review

Hey Guys! When we stopped by the Michigan Summer Beef Festival a few weeks ago, we were pleasantly surprised by the food choices. Jambalaya. Local cheeses. Pulled pork. Tamales. Dang -- they may have to put "Food" in the title next year.  Here is Erin, a festival-goer who we ate with.  She fills us in on the food and and her favorite brews.