The Lot on Tap! (and The Rink!)

At the northern end of the waaaay cool High Line in NYC (30th Street and 10th Avenue) you will find these things:  A skate park, a beer garden, craft beer on tap, craft WINE on tap.... and TACO TRUCKS!  Surely, this is heaven?  Nope.  It's the High Line Skate Park, featuring The Lot on Tap.  Playtime for grown-ups!

No cash please, buy your drink tickets at the door.

Woo hoo!

Happy Hour Gal doing her best "Vanna White shows you the skating rink" impression.  

Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, Sixpoint Crisp, and many more.

The new Hotness - wine on tap!

Beer.  Taco Trucks.  NYC is the coolest.  Check the website for each day's listing of events, and the list of taco trucks that will be parked that day.  Variety.  Myeah.


Video #80: Victory Brewing, part 2, Food and Beer!

Well, last week we showed you the facility and the beer being made, and this week WE GET TO DRINK IT! Woo hoo! In addition to their fine brewery, Victory has a newly renovated restaurant facility that can service up to 300 people at a time; and, seeing as after our tour we felt we could drink enough beers for about 50 people, there was still plenty of space. Join Jimmy, Mark, and Andrew as they sip the incredible beer (from a stunning array of beer styles), sample the fantastic food, and watch the most gorgeous Growler Filler in all of Christendom. You'll be truly Gobsmacked.

Video #79: Victory Brewing, part 1, The Brewhouse!

Mark, Jimmy, and special guest cameraman Andrew Kindig make a stop off at Victory Brewing in Downingtown, PA, where the water resembles Munich's and the beer comes in nearly every style imaginable. Co-Founder and Co-Brewmaster Bill Covalesky leads a tour of Victory's BrewHouse, a true wonderland of suds where it seems nearly any type of beer is a possibility. Enjoy this 'soup-to-nuts' run through everything from the Hops Freezer to the bottling line. Keep your eyes peeled for Oompa-Loompas!