Broadway Brews Hamilton: Release Party!

It's already late up on the roof deck of Beer Authority in Midtown Manhattan, but who cares: Let's tear it up!

Time to celebrate - the first incarnation of The Broadway Brews Project has come full circle. What a journey! The plan was made, and the beer was brewed; now it's time to party. Join our Broadway Brewers and their bretheren in the cast of Hamilton an American Musical for the release of Rise Up Rye, brewed with Gun Hill Brewing in honor of Graham Windham and the Eliza Project. Biggest hit show of a generation, sure: But how will the beer taste? Click play and find out.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: The good folks at Beer Authority; Harry Berberian, from Graham Windham, and the GW volunteers; Hollis Scarborough-Rodriguez, for her party planning genius (as well as her hubby Percy); and our crackerjack shooting crew of Ben Leibert, Dane Agostinis, and Squigs.