Waitress and Sixpoint on the Broadway Brews Project: Let's meet the team!

The Broadway Brews Project continues! As Brew #3 kicks off, our Brew Crew from Waitress - Olivia Phillip, Jeremy Morse, Molly Jobe and Caitlin Houlahan - meet up with The Happy Hour Guys and Sixpoint Brewing at Beer Culture in midtown NYC.

Their mission:

- Decide what kind of beer they'll make & create the recipe:

- Pick the charity the beer will raise money for:

- Name the beer!

This one's a real heart-warmer, so make sure you watch to the end. Let's create a #CraftBeerforGood!

(special thanks to our capture crew, Brad Burke, Johnny Freeman, Dane Agostinis, Kristen Beth Ludwig, and Kaylin Aarts.)