The Waitress Broadway Brew is ready. Let's party!

The Broadway Brews Project rolls on with the release of the third beer in our lineup, brewed by cast members of the musical Waitress in collaboration with Sixpoint Brewing, to benefit the Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

It's time to taste "It's for Adrienne" Cherry Cream Ale - but good heavens! We're missing one brewer, the beer has been poured, and we can't taste until the entire team is present. How long will we the torture continue? Click on, find out, and enjoy a terrific night full of brews an Broadway, with special guests from up and down the Great White Way.

Special thanks to lensers Dane Agostinis, Kristen Beth Ludwig and Jennifer Evans, and as always, the good folk at Rattle N Hum West! Cheers!

Waitress and Sixpoint on the Broadway Brews Project: Let's meet the team!

The Broadway Brews Project continues! As Brew #3 kicks off, our Brew Crew from Waitress - Olivia Phillip, Jeremy Morse, Molly Jobe and Caitlin Houlahan - meet up with The Happy Hour Guys and Sixpoint Brewing at Beer Culture in midtown NYC.

Their mission:

- Decide what kind of beer they'll make & create the recipe:

- Pick the charity the beer will raise money for:

- Name the beer!

This one's a real heart-warmer, so make sure you watch to the end. Let's create a #CraftBeerforGood!

(special thanks to our capture crew, Brad Burke, Johnny Freeman, Dane Agostinis, Kristen Beth Ludwig, and Kaylin Aarts.)