We've updated our Trailer. You're welcome.

Jimmy had a meeting with our pals at Vimeo recently (love those guys, and LOVE how they make our footage work) and realized that we hadn't updated our trailer in, ah, well, a couple years (more than a couple). 

So we did that. Now including prettier booze shots, an even higher percentage of amazing people, the Broadway Brews Project, and also us. Please share with everyone you know who uses the internet, and you're welcome.

Broadway Brews Hamilton: BREW DAY!

It's a chilly day in the Bronx. And as our Hamilton Brew Crew gathers in Times Square outside the Richard Rodgers Theatre for their ride north, their compatriots up at Gun Hill Brewing company are 'mashing in' the beginnings of an experimental Rye beer that is set to change the relationship between Craft Beer, Broadway and charity...forever.

But this process cannot complete without the help of Javier Muñoz, David Guzman, and Kamille Upshaw. Click ahead for a peek behind the scenes - and the creation of Rise Up Rye. The release of this beer is Saturday night, 4/30!

(A percentage of sales of #RiseUpRye will go to @GrahamWindham, in support of the #ElizaProject. This is the #BroadwayBrewsProject!)